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Aurora by X-Laser Brings Liquid Sky Effects to New Levels of Brightness and Safety

X-Laser's Aurora 4G

Over the last eight months, X-Laser USA has worked to engineer new products that make more possible with less. "Less," in this case, is the removal of vertical scanning via the Y-Axis in their newly released Aurora laser projectors. Contrary to conventional thinking, according to the company, removing vertical scanning actually creates the best, brightest, and safest version of a "liquid sky machine." The new Aurora 4C and Aurora 4G models give users the ability to simply and easily make stunning "liquid sky" effects on a flat plane.

"These Aurora models look on the outside just like our regular quad-aperture lasers, but with removal of the Y-Axis, they're easier to use, safer to use, and brighter than their predecessors," Dan Goldsmith, president of X-Laser USA, said. "Aurora keeps every photon headed toward the audience, so no light is wasted into the ceiling, and the audience sees the maximum effect."

The Aurora 4C boasts stunning RGBM multicolor effects while the Aurora 4G generates gleaming green beams. Both lasers are especially effective for wide and vivid "liquid sky" effects, but can also produce powerful, sharp beam effects.

The lack of vertical scanning also makes Aurora fixtures ideal for venues with low ceilings or temporary outdoor shows. This multi-venue flexibility highlights another benefit of Aurora's horizontal-only scanning. Without vertical scanning, once properly rigged, Aurora lasers cannot accidentally scan down into an audience, or into the night sky where beams could hit an airplane.

Goldsmith added one more fact about the Aurora models, another benefit of removing vertical scanning hardware: "Aurora lasers will also cost up to 15 percent less than previous models, so more people will be able to use these fixtures to create amazing laser shows."

Aurora 4C and Aurora 4G models are ready to ship now. For more information, visit the URL below.



(5 August 2015)

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