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World-Class Pianist Lao Tizer Records with Harman's Stereo-Matched AKG Microphones

Lao Tizer records with Harman's AKG microphones.

As leader of the Oasis Jazz Award-nominated group TIZER, keyboardist/composer Lao Tizer aims to bring international music genres together. While playing a combination of all original jazz, rock, classical, and Afro-Cuban styles, he relies on a stereo-matched pair of AKG by Harman C414 XLS microphones to elevate his piano and keyboard performances.

Tizer searched for a microphone that could deliver a strong studio presence and place the piano at the forefront of his band's mixes, while maintaining great stereo imaging and a strong dynamic range. He chose the AKG C414 XLS multi-pattern large-diaphragm condenser mics for their transparent, accurate sound and exceptional flexibility.

"The C414's are very versatile mics. I immediately noticed the stereo matching is great for when I'm recording with the piano," said Tizer. "You can use them for anything from guitar to overheads, strings, and pianos. I use them for many things, but mostly I use them because they're capable of capturing a winning tone from my grand piano."

It can be challenging for piano players to project their sound when playing with a dynamic group such as TIZER, where the other musicians are connected to amplifiers. Before partnering with AKG, Tizer found it difficult to address this problem with the right microphone setups in the studio.

"It is vital for a mic to capture everything that I do, and not the bleed from other instruments," said Tizer. "I have noticed that AKG microphone pickup patterns are good at getting specific tones from acoustic instruments, and that is why I recommend the C414's to anyone that is recording."

With their strong performance, the C414 XLS microphones are quickly becoming Tizer's favorite recording tools. He finds it "an honor to work with one of the most respected audio electronics companies in the world."

For more information on Lao Tizer and his group TIZER, please visit http://laotizer.com


(18 May 2015)

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